We spend most of our time indoors, and yet we tend to wear outdoor shoes.

Our mission is to create the shoe for every space. To create a product that is unique; different form everyday slippers which do not fit neither our upbeat personality nor our lifestyles.

Why choose between style and comfort? We have devised Nenufar so that you won’t have to make this choice anymore.


William Nénufar
William - CEO

William is the initiator of the project. He has the idea when he was looking for slippers he could wear without feeling ashamed…

Maxime Nénufar
Maxime - Marketing Manager

He was the second person convinced it was possible to create a new product for indoor combining design and comfort.

Sophie Nénufar
Sophie - Artistic Director

She is the one who made the project alive.



The Nenufar indoor shoe was designed like a shoe. We selected the finest materials to come up with a both light and strong shoe.

While wearing Nenufar, you will forget that you are even wearing anything.

It is of the utmost importance for us to provide a quality shoe capable of following you everywhere and possibly more…


We have devised Nenufar in harmony with what is in fashion right now, since we believe that an indoor shoe has also the right to be “now”.

Each season, Nenufar celebrates an artistic movement. Our inspirations are arty, colorful, absurd and contrasted. This is the Nenufar world that we like to share.

We work every day to bring style to your indoor spaces, actually all spaces.

Nénufar Chaussures d'Intérieur Colorfield Jade


We make optimum comfort possible, every day.

We have worked with a chiropodist on the shape, assembly and materials to conceptualize an exquisitely comfortable shoe which takes care of your feet and your back.

Nenufar creates shoes that apply a firm hold to the feet while reducing the effects of shock impacts on your entire frame.